About Us

Axis Consulting Group is an accounting and consulting firm committed to assisting its clients achieve financial independence.

Axis offers high quality accounting advice and is committed to keeping our clients updated with the latest financial and taxation changes.  Our business consulting arm also develops efficient approaches to tackle everyday business problems faced by our clients.

But we go further than that, we also guide our clients to predict future problems and develop protective measures to avoid ever encountering them.  That's because we are committed to getting to know our clients' business, concerns and objectives inside and out.

Our approach

So what makes this accounting and consulting firm different from our competitors? It's the enthusiasm and energy that we invest into your business and the relationships we develop.   It's technical excellence combined with commercial insight. It's the ability to tackle the most complex of issues and provide the clearest of answers.

Our accountants unashamedly love tax.  But we understand clients don't want pages on what the tax office says. They want fast and effective answers in plain English that effectively help them make informed decisions so they can achieve their business goals in this increasingly complex business environment.  

Further, we offer a truly independent professional service that is targeted specifically to the heart of your needs and not to a commission percentage.  This independence is appreciated by our clients in the industries of technology, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and personal services as well as to high-income earning individuals and families.

Our promise

We uphold the code of professional conduct set out by CPA Australia and our goal is to help our clients succeed in their businesses and achieve their personal financial independence.

Our values

We adhere to a number of core values that provide a guide to the level of professionalism that can be expected by our clients:

  1. Leadership
    We understand that our clients demand leadership and the confidence that they are receiving the very latest business advice.
  2. Relationship Driven
    Our ability to foster close working relationships in many ways determine the success of our respective businesses.
  3. Team Work
    We understand that more than ever, the dynamic business environment commands that business teams work cohesively to deliver improved efficiency.
  4. Innovation
    We are committed to offering the most up to date advice and strategy.
  5. Integrity
    We demand that our business associates and staff meet the highest standards of business and personal integrity.
  6. Results Oriented
    We understand that we are only as good as the results we help our clients to achieve.  Our accountants, consultants and support staff always follow things through in a timely manner.  We also work with our clients to facilitate the effective implementation of our advice.

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